A Low-Code UI Framework
for Mobile and Web Apps
Build amazing mobile and web responsive
user interfaces by drag-and-drop
Silk UI is a fully-integrated UI Framework for OutSystems.
Leverage pre-built blocks and samples to simplify and accelerate application UI development.
Mobile Apps
Build mobile user interfaces UI screens visually
for phones and tablets of all sizes 
Drag-and-drop blocks to the screen for an out-of-the-box great mobile experience.
Beautiful cross-platform aesthetics and smooth interactions for a solid mobile native experience.
Extensively tuned for optimal performance on all mobile devices.
Leverage optimised layouts for phone or tablet apps or develop an universal approach.
Web Apps
Build solid web responsive applications visually
with instant previews for any device.
Pre-built commonly-used app patterns for use
by drag-and-drop and configuration.
Gorgeous fully-responsive templates and layouts
for different application uses.
Adapt the look and behaviour as required, with the
help of some responsive primitives.
Only send content which is required for each specific
device with great performance gains.
beautifully crafted
Several templates with different layout
approaches which will make your
application look amazing.
Sample Screens
to get started
Pre-built screens to provide inspiration
and give you a boost in building your
user interface.
for any device
Dozens of mobile and web UI blocks to
accelerate your development and make your
app look rock  solid.
Silk UI Framework Simulation Device
Resize the window to preview the page in target devices.
Open the settings to change the simulation device options.
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