Abe Hires
Add these classes to links and buttons to make them look like the examples below.
Button Is_Default
Button Cancel
Button Success
Button Danger
Button Small
Button Disabled
Button Load
This class won't work on platform buttons.
Adding the class Load, avoids multiple user clicks while the request is being processed.
Button Icon
This class won't work on platform buttons.
Gmail like buttons. Use the Richwidgets Icon webblock.
Button Link
This class won't work on platform buttons.
Used for single choice. Put a radio button and its text in each placeholder.
Normal Behaviour
Non Responsive Behaviour (enclose the ButtonGroup in a container with class .NoResponsive)
Used to select a date or simply check the calendar. Drag the pattern to your screen and add an input field as well.
Click to pick a date
Pattern to hold a file upload widget and a label, also allows file uploads from mobile devices.
Choose File
No files chosen
Customize an input with an Icon. Just drag your input and choose the desired icon.
Can be aligned to the right
Select a value between two range values
Single value selector
Two values selectors
Customized search input.
Enhanced Combo box usable in forms.
You can use Select2 with Combo Boxes
Select orientation:
You can use Select2 with List Boxes
Select color: 
Use this pattern to switch between two states. It works with a checkbox inside the placeholder.
Remember Login?
Use this pattern to display a video.
Silk UI Framework Simulation Device
Resize the window to preview the page in target devices.
Open the settings to change the simulation device options.
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